Detox And Rejuvenate With Panchakarma Treatment

Detox And Rejuvenate With Panchakarma Treatment

Pachakarma treatment

Detoxify Your Body With Panchakarma Treatment


Are you feeling lethargic, dejected, unmotivated, hyper- emotional? Problems with digestion or concentration? You may benefit significantly with Panchakarma treatments at Prana Ayurvedic Center, Aluva, the best Ayurveda centre in Kerala! As we give in to the demands of our busy life, most of us tend to overdo it. Make a conscious effort to slow down, purify, and rejuvenate or be ready to become an ailing patient all through your life.

What is Panchakarma ?

Panchakarma is known as five cleansing actions in Sanskrit. Prescribed by Ayurveda for the cleansing of Dosha or toxic materials from the body Panchakarma treatment is the most famous Ayurvedic treatment in any Ayurveda resort in Kerala. A gentle, yet profound purification therapy, Panchakarma treatment is designed to reduce the body of toxins, which cause disease and discomfort. Known as the heart of healing in Ayurvedic medicine, Panchakarma is vital for disease prevention and life extension.

Pachakarma treatment


Diseases occur when the energetic forces Vata, Pitta & Kapha get out of balance. This lowers our digestive fire (Agni), and toxins (Ama) are created which enter the blood stream, clogging channels, and gets into joints, muscles, organs, and reproductive tissue, etc. in turn damaging our Prana (life-force or energy), Tejas (metabolic energy), and Ojas (immunity).  Ayurveda has underlined the fact that the stress created by our minds directly affects our gastrointestinal tract, causing inflammation and slow digestion, ultimately creating Ama. The Ama leads us to cling to emotionally-driven habits that ultimately lead to disease and imbalance. Detoxing with Panchakarma treatments allow us to unravel these patterns, increase our energy and mental clarity, and move forward with our dharma and our dreams. Panchakarma resets digestion and allows the body to do what it’s supposed to—detox naturally. Ayurveda cleansing & detox procedures enable us to get to the root of imbalances—rather than reducing symptoms. They have the ability to heal chronic conditions.

What to Expect?

When going to a Panchakarma treatment a Prana Ayurvedic Center, Aluva you can expect to prepare for at least one week before treatment begins, spend at least one week in a clinic, and eliminate any vices, including Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, and processed foods. You may be encouraged to ingest Ghee orally to loosen up the sticky Ama and ripen the bodily tissues and to take light cleansing herbs to begin the Ama scraping process. This will get you revitalized. Each day will begin with a gentle Yoga, Pranayama and meditation class. Treatments vary depending on the focus of your ailment. It may include: Abhyanga, an ancient Ayurvedic massage performed by a synchronized team of two therapists. Warm, herb-infused oils are prepared specifically for you, & applied over the body. Abhyanga draws out impurities and improves immunity by increasing lymphatic circulation. Next is the Swedana, a herbal steam treatment given in a specialized heat chamber. Moist heat and essential oils encourage the elimination of toxins through the sweat glands. Shirodhara is done by pouring warm herbal oil slowly in a continuous stream on the forehead. It promotes deep relaxation. Vamana therapy is the process of induced and controlled vomiting with the help of medicines. It is used to treat chronic asthma, chronic hyperacidity etc. Next in line is the Nasya Karma which is the administration of herbal juice and medicated oils through the nose.  Finally the Virechana Karma or purgation therapy which involves induced and controlled purgation with the help of medicines.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Prana Ayurvedic Center Aluva, the best Ayurveda centre in Kerala and get yourself enlisted for Panchakarma Treatments. Improve your physical and mental health & emerge a new, rejuvenated you!

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