How To Get Red Lips

How To Get Red Lips

tips for red lips

Simple Tips To Get Red Lips

A naturally red lips an ornament of beauty. Cause for dark lips are one is by birth and some others are smoking, licking lips, sun exposure, over usage of cheap lip balm/lipstick, dryness and so on. A red lip will drive more attraction to the mate. 

So losing the reddishness will affect your confidence to face mate but don’t worry here are some tips to get red lips.

how to get red lips
  • Make a combination of ginger juice and yolk of a village chicken’s egg. Have this combo everyday morning with your breakfast and you’ll get a red lip as a rapid result on it.
  • Have a beetroot massage, while watching tv or at the free time use a piece of juicy beetroot to massage your lips.
  • make a lemon-honey lotion, take equal quantity of freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey. Mix well and apply on your lips using a cotton bud and leave it for an hour.
  • Apply glycerin on your lips before going to bed and leave it for a night it will help your lip from getting dry
  • Apply few drops of olive oil mixed with honey or sugar on your lips. Make sure your lips are free of lipstick. Rub the mixture gently on your lips and then wash it off.
  • Applying white toothpaste on your lip for a while will lighten dark lips.
  • Do not lick your lips this will make lips dry and pale.
  • Have vitamin E rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Brush your lips with high-quality lip balms.
  • Use the orange peel to cleanse your lips, it will lighten the dark skin tone of your lips.

Some Precautions To Prevent Dark Lips

  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid using lipstick while sleeping.
  • Do not apply coconut oil on lips while going outside.
  • minimize intake of coffee or tea too much.
  • Drink enough water in a day to avoid dehydration.


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