Kerala – The Land Of Ayurveda

Kerala – The Land Of Ayurveda

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Kerala – The Ayurvedic Tradition


Kerala is renowned for an unbroken tradition of Ayurveda that has surpassed the many foreign and native invasions. In Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyas (traditional practitioners of Ayurveda) have been practising this for generations and they were the solace for people seeking healing from every kind of disease in Kerala. Eight legendary families of Vaidyas (Ashta vaidyas) and their successors treated the entire state for centuries. It is a known fact, today that Kerala is the only State in India which practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication.

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The ayurvedic doctors of Kerala always  were challenged to interpret the theories of Ayurveda and adapt them actively into effective healing systems in everyday life. Thus almost all the contemporary procedures and protocols of Ayurveda have evolved in and around Kerala. Many special Ayurvedic medications in Kerala were developed as a result of this and have been found effective in treatment of many diseases. Since inception, Prana Ayurvedic Centre, Aluva has been in the forefront of treating the patients with special Ayurvedic medications in Kerala.

So now that you have had an overview of the effect of holistic medicine in Ayurveda, why not go in for it? Contact Prana Ayurvedic centre with your queries & start your march towards a healthy life!

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